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Wildime - Beams Of Bones Walls

Wildime - Beams Of Bones Walls

Label : Revalve Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Wildime plays the kind of greasy, groove-laden rock that is deeply rooted in the South of the US. Yet they hail from Palermo, Italy but Black Label Society, Pantera, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Down appear to be their heroes. They surely make a good impression. Formed in 2009 the four-piece now releases ‘Beams Of Bones Walls’ and in despite of the fact that their English is not always correct (weird sentence structure) this is a proper ‘feel good’ record with a chunky guitar sound and sure-fire songs.

The groove-laden southern metal feast starts with an acoustic intro, but ‘Black Conspiracy’ right away kicks ass with its tight riffs and melodic (wah wah) leads. The firm rocking song charms with a fervent guitar solo. Bassist Gabbro Cardella opens ‘Pull The Trigger’, but in the uncomplicated rock the voice and guitar skills of main composer and moving spirit Lance Cross prevail. He is responsible for the excellent production too. His voice is rather sharp, but powerful and suits the kind of material they are playing. In the calmer songs he really sounds drawling, again cast in an American mould. Not only the heavier songs are good enough to give you a great time, also in the slower ones (with bluesy touch) one can discover lots of fine moments. The marvellous, howling solos in the bluesy ballad ‘Stars And Stripes’ for instance or the genuine melancholy (Lynyrd Skynyrd!) in a song such as ‘Let Me Turn In You’. Generally the guitar sound is heavy, but ‘Part Of It’ begins in a light way. The dark low voice in this song is rather grotesque, but in the end this happens to be a fetching song that brims with wild guitar skills (again). To round off acoustic guitar and drawling vocals reign again in the ballad ‘Lost In Your Eyes’ and we can conclude that this record might appeal to fans of traditional hardrock as well as to newbees who are fond of vintage and stoner rock.

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